Pinnacle Charter School Goes SolarThe quest to power the Pinnacle Charter School with solar energy started in 2011.  Michelle King, Science Program Coordinator for The Pinnacle Charter School, worked with Bella Energy and The Atmosphere Conservancy to incorporate solar power as part of the school’s Greening Program and STEM curriculum enhancements.  At 662 kW, the new arrays will cover an estimated 43% of Pinnacle’s electricity needs. Thanks to a power purchase agreement (PPA), Pinnacle won’t pay anything for the new solar arrays.  Better still, the electricity from the arrays will provide predictable energy pricing for the next 20 years.  Over the projected 30 year system life, the solar arrays will prevent about 54,000,000 pounds of CO2 emissions, while enhancing the education of tens of thousands of students.  The 2,244 solar modules will provide $14,000 in first year energy savings and an estimated $1.6 million in lifetime savings.


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