Harness the power of long lasting, local energy production to protect your business from rising energy costs. Realize dramatic cost savings and valuable tax benefits when you Capture the Sun.

Bella Energy makes commercial solar energy easy. The people of Bella Energy have helped promote a clean energy economy for over 30 years and over 75% of our operations team is NABCEP certified. NABCEP is the highest certification available for solar installation professionals.

Ask any of our 600+ satisfied clients, and you'll find that Bella Energy has consistently delivered the highest quality and most cost effective solar solutions to meet a wide variety of needs. Our team takes pride in assembling all parts of the solar puzzle, including the right financing, accurate design, expert engineering, and quality construction.

Bella Energy Commercial Solar Services

Over 600 clients have decided to work with Bella Energy because we make energy easier, cleaner and less expensive. Our commitment to these principles drives us to help non-profits, educational organizations, local governments and commercial clients easily save money by capturing the sun. We provide turnkey installation including:

  • Solar energy consulting
  • System design and engineering
  • Equipment procurement
  • Solar energy financing
  • Solar installation and integration

Zero Down Savings with a Power Purchase Agreement.

Engineering Solutions for Butler Buildings.

Powerful enough for buildings of all sizes and energy requirements.

A great match for education and sustainability.

Less Expensive

Powering your facility with solar energy is often less expensive than conventional power. Producing clean energy allows you to monazite your carbon savings in many US States.

Sustainable Credability

Nothing demonstrates a commitment to sustainable business practices like a solar powered office, factory or warehouse.

Value Tax Benefits

Now through 2016 your business can realize a valuable 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for your new solar installation.

Hedge Your Risk

Avoid the uncertainty of future energy prices. Producing your own electricity allows your organization to avoid uncontrollable increases in the costs of electricity.

Two Ways to Invest in Solar

There are two simple methods to invest in solar energy. Owning your own system or purchasing power through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Below you'll find a quick list of the general benefits to each method of solar acquisition.

Direct Purchase

  • Experience 1 to 1 kWh savings
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Asset depreciation
  • New revenue stream from CO2 savings
  • Great if you have the capital and tax appetite

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • Zero capital outlay
  • Save 10-20% on electricity
  • No maintenance required
  • Great for non-profits and
  • organizations without extra capital

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